Water: Body of the Goddess and Beloved of the God

Day: SATURDAY 11/12/11
Time: 2:30 – 4 pm
Venue: Hill House
Offering: Water: Body of the Goddess & Beloved of God
A workshop with Jumana King Harris.

In this two hour workshop we will deepen into communion with water as an unparalleled teacher of the sublimely feminine mystic arts:  grace, surrender into trust, inexhaustible rebirth, formless mystery, and impeccably subtle receptivity.

Understanding ourselves as mostly water, and realizing that what we call water is actually the Body of the Goddess, we will come to more deeply know ourselves as an embodied instrument of Her will. We will look at points of reconciliation between water and the Goddess throughout time and the traditions of sacred history, developing a more deeply personal sense of how to potently bring water into ritual healing or journey work.

We will explore how the element of water is the element of our times, as it refines and magnifies passion, intimacy, and the fire of personal authority. We will also dive into Water as Beloved of the God, the ultimate conduit for the soul.

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One Response to Water: Body of the Goddess and Beloved of the God

  1. Water has a special meaning for me ever since I was told in a channeled reading with a clairvoyant that the water devas want water to be seen as liquid light. This is what it said, “when you submerge yourself in the water imagine that you are being nourished with light wherever it flows over you ( even in the bath) be aware of it in this way, as it allows even more healing to take place as you acknowledge the mighty ability of this magical element(al). When you drink it thank the water for it’s life giving and cleansing gifts. Always give thanks to the water whenever you are in contact with it and of course protect it”. Namaste, and many blessings! Joie