Sacred Womb Dance Workshop; A Journey of Self-Empowerment

Day: FRIDAY 11/11
Time: 4 pm – 6pm
Venue: Crown Hall
Offering: Sacred Womb Dance Workshop
Featuring: Deonesea La Fey

Sacred Womb Dance is a form of ecstatic dance that calls the Divine Feminine to move through us for healing and transformation.

Although feminine in nature, this movement therapy is powerful for both women and men, as many men are opening themselves to the way the Feminine moves through them. Focused in the Womb space or the Hara, we tap into the Ecstacy of our Divine Nature, dancing for our Selves and for the world.

In this workshop, we explore the elements of Ecstatic Consciousness through breath, meditation, and movement to take us into the realms of Ecstatic Dance. By consciously raising our Kundalini energy and becoming the embodiment of the elements, we focus internally to tap into and utilize the creative energy and power of our Womb/Hara for healing, transformation and self-empowerment.

Organic in nature, Sacred Womb Dance is accessible for everyone with no dance experience necessary.

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