Channeling on the Goddess Festival of Mendocino

by the High Priestess of the Goddess Festival, Shanti Balsé

Greetings Beloved Ones! We are here and it is our pleasure to have contact with you as always.

During these times of rapid change and shifting sands underneath your very own feet, you are being called to be the masters that you are.

It is time and there are no more excuses.

Life as you know it is literally melting before your very eyes! And yet you are expected to hold up & act as if nothing new under the sun is occurring.

Yet everything under the sun and the sun itself is shifting – you knew this would be happening before you came here.

It’s easy to get caught in the mundane details, that demand your entire attention & to forget that you are masters and you actually did choose to come here during this time to participate AND precipitate these changes.

It’s easy to forget this as the bills pile up, the children are screaming for your attention (really intentions), the banks and properties foreclose etc. But no amount of distraction can keep you from the fierce commitment each one of you made to participate in this shift. You called yourselves forth and now we are simply reminding you.

This so-called festival (the Goddess Festival of Mendocino) is the beginning of the next major shift that is required for you light-workers to make. It is a global movement on the 11/11/11 and your are called to anchor in the light grids into your area of Mendocino, in order to help this shift occur all the way to the atomic level at this location.

The shift is occurring in each one of you first and foremost, so that the energies you bring in can come through clearer on this designated date.

The vision comes from Divine Feminine Head Quarters in Avalon, UK, from the Isle of Briget. She is calling upon Her Sister lands to awaken and join the celebratory shift. And Her Sister town of Mendocino calls on you, Her Children, Her Priestesess & Priests to help Her birth forth the vision of the New Earth Paradigm. And help release the old hold of patriarch that has plagued Her, cut Her trees, over fished Her rivers and disrespected Her Design.

She is calling Her people to help Her make this shift  in consciousness alongside Her.

For those of you who have grown in Her lands, along Her waters, amongst Her trees, She now calls on you to priestess Her into the New Paradigm.

And for those of you who have more recently heard Her call, she asks you as well to join Her in this momentous global event to help make the grid shift from the old dying paradigm to the New Earth Paradigm of the Golden Age.

Gaia is making Her transition into Light. She is becoming a Star.

Each energy vortex must be activated and on line in order to make this shift gracefully and joyfully. This festival is exactly that, getting the Mendocino vortex on line with Gaia’s paradigm shift

If you are called to be a part of this in any way – you are invited.

Know, great shifts will occur in your life. All that no longer serves you will leave to make space for your New Sacred Self.

The extend that you give your energy to this shift is the extend you will have a shift and your energy will be returned to you 1000 fold.

This will reveal to you where you are holding stuck energy. This will mirror back to your where you feel powerless and it will aide you through the shift by bringing the light of consciousness of light into these places of shadow and lack.

If you are truly willing to make this shift, this shift will carry you all the way through to your core and the remembrance of who you truly are.

Give everything to Gaia and Her shift and She will give you everything you could ever dream of and more.

Because She is You.

We are One.

So be it.

Love and Light, Beloved Beings.

You are truly Blessed.

Goddess, Gods & All that Is LOVES YOU.

Blessed Be.


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