Dj Lakshmi is performing at the Goddess Gala, on Sat., November 12 at Crown Hall.
Dj Lakshmi is an artist, composer, and designer from San Diego California and Makaha, Kingdom of Hawaii, Mu. His music combines elements of Experimental//Progressive House, Downtempo, Hip Hop, R&B, Contemporary Devotional, Drum and Bass, Turntablism and Jazz.

Dj LakshmiHe grew up in San Diego, California and moved to Hollywood in 1996. His recording career began in 1997 after becoming a music producer and back up rapper for SouthGate’s Latin Rap innovators MellowManAce and Senn Dogg of Cypress Hill. He has used a number of different pseudonyms and band names (the Cuban, TFOL, the Cuban Link) and released music in different styles on several record labels including Interscope Records, We Are One Records, and Cleopatra Records.

Galan is also known as a fixture on the California club music and party scene performing live Drum and Bass and House music as The Cuban and Macario Galan as part of the We Are One Recording Artist Network. He has also composed for agencies, publishing houses, films, American and Spanish television advertisements and has performed sound design work for Viacom, Disney, Vivendi and numerous other entertainment and media corporations.

His persona as an artist expresses penchants for Urban and Rave influence, Yoga and Hindu culture, healthy living and eating, activism, and his Latin roots. Dj Lakshmi has studied yoga predominantly with esteemed teachers Jessica Rigney of Mudita Yoga Hawaii and Aaron and Debra Vega of Vega Yoga in Massachusetts. He has shared the grace of studying with such honorable teachers as His Holiness the Dali Lama, Sri Ram Dass, Sri Krishna Das, Thich Nhat Hahn, Sri Shiva Kumar, Sri Saul David Raye, Kahu Lynn Kealohaleimakamae, Uncle Butch ”limahana” Detroye, Kumu Vincent Dodge and Sri Carolyn Shannen. He is a devotee of the South Indian Guru Sri Neem Karoli Baba Maharajji.

His most recent cd release Urban Yogi has been played at yoga studios throughout the country. Catch Dj Lakshmi’s latest television scores on History Channel International’s new show on sustainable ancient practices Save our History. He has most recently performed at various summer festivals such as Burning Man (Sacred Spaces Village), Bhakti Fest and the Whole Being Weekend.

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