The Institute for Traditional Studies - A non-profit educational organization, founded in Ukiah, California. The purpose, for which this Corporation is formed, is to be: As an educational organization which researches, learns and executes those traditional music, dances, costumes, arts, crafts, sciences and technologies that comprise those which were once our native heritage.

Lavender Grace ProductionsDevoted to Sustainable Community Art. Based on the Mendocino Coast, Lavender Grace Productions moves to facilitate the joys of a healthy community found inherently in the traditions of drum, song and dance. Participating in the first Goddess Festival of Mendocino, 2011


Goddess Conference in Glastonbury 2011With Ceremonies, Adorations and Praise Songs to the Great Goddess of Water, She who is the Source and Womb of all Life. Participate in moving Sacred Ceremonies, take part in inspiring Workshops, listen to fascinating Presentations, see beautiful Artwork & Stalls, Performances, Music, Song, Poetry and Dance.

Artist Cooperative of MendocinoA Fine Arts Gallery with Artists at Work and a Grand View in the North Coast Village of Mendocino, California.

Celebrate Samhain, Nov. 5, 2011 at the Gaia Festival in Santa Barbara

The Iseum of Mary Isis is dedicated to supporting women in knowing the power, wisdom, strength, compassion and the unconditional love of the Divine Feminine. High Priestess Nancy Dew has been leading yearlong Priestess Apprenticeships in Annapolis, Calif. since 1998, where on sacred temple land, dedicated to the Goddess, she teaches women about ritual, sacred space, the Holy Days on the Wheel of the Year, and much more




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    Go to for accommodations.
    Also, MacCallum House is offering a 15% discount for 2 night stays to Goddess Festival participants.
    Thank you.

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