Goddess Gala

Join us on the evening of Saturday November 12th for the Goddess Gala at Crone Hall (Crown Hall), Mendocino CA.

Please note: The Goddess Gala will be a 21 and older event after 10 pm. Children 12 and under are free. Adults that come with children are invited to attend the gala for a discounted price with the understanding that the discount is offered to child caregivers that cannot attend the entire event due to the age restriction occurring after 10 pm. We thank you for your understanding and cooperation and look forward to being in sacred, celebratory space with you this week.

6pm – 8pm DINNER

6pm Sally Wells and Ira Rosenberg
7pm Julie Felix
8pm Human Revolution Acoustic Band
9pm Members of Goddess Alchemy (feat. Sasha Rose)
10.30pm Web of One
12.30pm DJ Lakshmi

Produced by Om Shanti Productions and Goddess Festival of Mendocino.

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  7. janie rezner says:

    Where are the details regarding the dinner? What IS the dinner? How much does it cost? Does one need reservations? thanks

  8. shanti says:

    The dinner is soup and salad or lasagne and salad.
    $10. and no reservation.
    Thank you.

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