Goddess of Love

Goddess of Love and Her Sacred Beloved

We will celebrate Goddess as Lover, She who loves us and who loves Her. We will celebrate Her as the Goddess of Love, Sensuality, Sexuality, Beauty and Magic. We will experience her all around us, in the luscious nature, in the rolling Pacific Ocean, and the magnificent Redwood Trees, and in a form of a woman filled with love for life and all of us.

We will explore the light & dark sides of love, and the wounds of love that many carry, as women, men and young people. We will open ourselves to her deep healing love as we enter the gateway to the Temple of Love. Her Beauty is visible all around us and within us, radiating through the nature and in the form of luscious sensual women, full of Love, Life and Beauty.

The Goddess is emerging again, realigned with the frequencies of the new times offering herself to birth the transformed New Paradigm Energy of Sacred Love. We, her Children are being called forth to remember our Divine Blueprint and to open ourselves to the healing and transformative powers of Her Divine and Purifying Love.

We honor Her Sacred Beloved as the One Who Holds the Space for Her to birth the transformed New Paradigm Energy of Sacred Love. He is the holder, the initiator of the new transformed and realigned Sacred Masculine energy, the one who is lovingly honoring and supporting the Divine Feminine. It is time for a new vision of The Divine Mother and Divine Father working together in perfect harmony and love.

Bringing the Goddess back into the light of our Hearts, we will heal the wound of separation between the Divine Masculine and Feminine. Together we will anchor a vision of a balanced & harmonious Union of the Divine Feminine and Divine Masculine within ourselves and in all our relations.


Gaia is in the process of making a huge unprecedented transformation into the New paradigm of the New Earth. She needs all of our help to be a positive force of transformative energy during this profound time. We are all being called to be our best selves and connect with our Divine Blueprints of our lives.Our intention is to inspire and support all of you in activations this Divine Calling that exists in each one of us thru prayer, celebration, ceremony, dance, song, fun, playshops, sharing and being together with conscious intention.

Shanti Balse, the visionary priestess of the Mendocino Goddess Festival had a vision in the summer of 2010, while in Glastonbury for the Goddess Festival. In her vision the Divine Feminine in the form of Gaia was giving birth to the New Paradigm of Love. The Divine Masculine in the form of a New Solar Father Sun energy came in and held her up while she birthed forth the new consciousness. His presence was an act of pure devotion and love for her AND her giving birth was and act of pure Love and Devotion to US. Out of this vision came this festival.

While we are celebrating Goddess of Love and Her Beloved the emphasis is on Her.

We are entering a time of a new paradigm of Sacred Relationship to emerge forth on our planet Earth – and for sacred sexuality and partnership to be honored. It is time for the balance between the Divine Feminine and Divine Masculine, and in order for the balance to occur, the Divine Feminine is asking to be brought back into the light of our devotional hearts and into the awareness of our mind, so she may open the buds of Her love and invite the Divine Masculine to join her in Sacred Union of Balance and Love. We are inviting the Divine Masculine to join our celebrating and to lovingly and supportively holds space for Her to shine, bring forth, speak, dance, celebrate, love, teach and BE.


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  1. linda says:

    Your event sounds awesome. I am sad that I will not be able to attend.
    Would you consider doing a workshop with some of the ideas you share in the invitation video in the east bay/Berkely/Oakland area? I think it would be incredibly popular here – and could be easily advertised on http://www.awakeningthebay.com and craigslist. I would love to go to a workshop that you put on in this area!
    I know you will have a great time this 11-11-11, and hope I can someday soon participate with you and your family of sisters and brothers in the Goddess.
    Best Wishes,

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