Participate in moving Sacred Ceremonies, take part in inspiring Play-shops, listen to fascinating Presentations, see beautiful Artwork & Stalls, Performances, Music, Song, Poetry and Dance, that will be happening throughout the whole weekend at various locations around the village of Mendocino. Join our mailing list for future updates about program, new facilitators and other sacred offerings.

Events By Day:

Events by Venue:

THURSDAY 11/10/2010
6pm – 9pm: WELCOMING PARTY, Didgeridoo Inn, Mendocino
with Nancy Joy, Alyra, Tofu Sue

FRIDAY 11/11/2011
11.11 am SHARP! – 1.11 am: OPENING CEREMONY with the Priestesses of the Goddess, Crone Hall
1pm 2pm: LUNCH
2pm – 2:45:  ”Finding The Love Within” with Patti Angeletti, Hill House
2pm – 4pm: RAISING A GODDESS TEMPLE with Graell Corsini and Jumana King Harris, Crone Hall
3pm -6pm: AWAKENING TO THE NEW PARADIGM with Marylyn Motherbear, Mendocino Recreation Center
4pm – 6pm: SACRED WOMB DANCE PLAYSHOP: A Journey of Self-Empowerment with Deonesea La Fey, Crown Hall
6pm – 7pm: DINNER
7pm – 9pm: “Living Luminaries on THE SERIOUS BUSINESS OF HAPPINESS” film with filmmaker Sean Mulvilhill, Regenerative Design Center, Mendocino
7pm – 8.30pm: PERSEPHONE AND HADES: Reconciling The Masculine and Feminine in Ancient Mystery Rites with Marguerite Rigoglioso, Crone Hall
9pm: ACOUSTIC PERFORMANCE with Prema Love and Polly Wood and Travis Knapp, Crone Hall

SATURDAY 11/12/2011
9am: OPEN THE TEMPLE with Melissaes, Crone Hall
10.30am – 1.30pm: THE JOURNEY OF ENTRANCEMENT with Marylyn Motherbear, Mendocino Recreation Center
10am – 12pm: RISING IN LOVE WITH YOUR INNER PRIESTESS with Graell Corsini, Crone Hall
10:30–11:30am: Talk and Circle on Self Love and The Body with Sharon Maser, Hill House
11:45pmam – 12:30pm: FEEDING YOUR BEAUTIFUL BODY THROUGH THE AGES with Anna Rathbun, Leonard Moore Cooperative
12noon – 12:45pm: BLUE ANGEL CRYSTAL ACTIVATION with Donna Davis, Crone Hall
2.30pm – 4pm: WATER: BODY OF THE GODDESS AND BELOVED OF THE GOD with Jumana King Harris, Hill House
* Please note that this workshop has been cancelled *
Instead, we will be joined by the lovely Riantee, a Mendocino local, who will be leading a talk & journey about sacred partnership. Same time & place.

2pm – 5pm: “Meeting the AnSisters and Grandmothers of Antiquity” with Leslene della-Madre, Mendocino Rec Center

6.00pm: GODDESS GALA, Crone Hall

SUNDAY 11/13/2011
9am: OPEN THE TEMPLE with Melissaes, Crone Hall
1.11pm: Water and Closing Ceremony with Grandmother Whitedeer

10 Responses to Schedule

  1. Laura Hackwith says:

    When will registraion be open for this event?

  2. shanti says:

    Registration is open!

  3. shanti says:

    Hi JoAnn,

    We would love for you to post on twitter, thank y ou.
    Yes: is the correct page.
    Mother Bear doesn’t get posts here but I will let her know that you responded.
    I will forward to her this email.
    Thank you,

  4. shanti says:

    It is now open!

  5. Song says:

    I would like to come for the three days. What kind of lodging is available in the area? Is camping a possibility?

  6. mistergarth says:

    Several of our sponsors are offering special deals for festival attendees. You can also look at for a range of options in the area. Fort Bragg is just ten miles north of Mendocino and has a range of lower priced motels. Camping is possible, but it’s apt to be cold, and possibly rainy, in November here on the coast. Van Damme State Park is two miles south of Mendocino and open all year. Caspar Beach Campground is about four miles to the north.

  7. Titus Sanborn says:

    We have so long awaited upon this orb of ‘Hope’
    Neptune and Laura’s waves of Love washing upon these slopes
    With Elementals celebrating the Golden Age these Goddess’ project
    Among the Stars and Angels bright even in our darkest nights
    Feminine Rays of Compassionate Light bore the burden to protect
    That Truth and Justice so long obstructed would someday come to connect
    Our heart-strings tuned upon the harp that leads our souls to sing our parts

  8. meredith says:

    where and when and by whom is the yoga;)?

  9. shanti says:

    There will be many classes offered by Hot Yoga of Mendocino during the weekend.
    check their website for the schedule.
    Thank you.

  10. Destiny Preston says:

    Thank you goddesses for a wonderful weekend! Life changing and transformative! Helped me to decide that I do want to study Women’s Studies while I’m doing my undergraduate schooling.

    thank you,

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