You can purchase tickets online through Paypal or in person at the following locations:


  1. Rubaiyat Beads,  Lansing at Little Lake, (707) 937-2323
  2. Sulis Blue Boutique,  45040 Main St. (707) 937-9909
  3. Twist,  45140 Main St. (707) 937-1717

Fort Bragg:

  1. Ocean Dragonfly 109 E. Laurel St. (707) 961-1650


  1. Three Sisters 112 S. School St. 707-462-2320

Early Deity Price: $111. All three days, including the Gala. Available through 11/1/11

11/2/11 until the event: $144 including Gala.



Single day pass for Friday or Saturday: $66 either day, does NOT include Gala.




Gala only: $20 in advance; $25 at the door.


Opening Ceremony only: $20


Individual talks: $11–22, depending on the length of the presentation. Tickets available at registration or the door.

Individual playshops: $33—44. Tickets available at registration or the door.

12 Responses to Register/Tickets

  1. rhiannon korhummel says:

    this sounds really fun. I am a friend on Facebook and will keep looking for the day registration starts.

  2. lavender says:

    Yes, Rhiannon, wonderful! We will have it up this week ad will let you know the moment it goes live!

  3. We recently met with Shanti Balse’ while in Mendocino browsing the stores visiting the museum. She told us about the Goddess Festival and we are so excited that it is actually happening! Thanks be for all your hard work and dedication. We are hoping to be a part of the festivities and would love to bring our wares. We make masks and many other ceremonial items. We hope to hear from you soon! In Peace, Kat and Hunter

  4. Karik says:

    I was seruoisly at DefCon 5 until I saw this post.

  5. shanti says:

    Hi Andrea,
    The fee is $150 for the weekend.
    There is camping at the state parks. (Van Damme, Russian Gulch)
    MacCallum House is offering 15% discount to Goddess Festival participants for 2 night stay.
    There are motels in Fort Bragg which is a 10 minute drive form Mendocino.
    You can check out for more accommodation info. We will have some food available at the event.
    There are also restaurants, grocery stores in town.
    Any other questions, please contact.

  6. shanti says:

    Hi Julie,
    Have you received the info you need for vending?

  7. shanti says:

    Thank you.
    Keep checking back for updates.

  8. luna says:

    goood godess gaias yes!!!

  9. bluedog says:

    any way one can attend only the dance saturday eve

  10. mistergarth says:

    Tickets for the gala are $20 in advance, or $25 at the door. There’s a list of ticket outlets and a Paypal link to buy them online on our Register/Tickets page.

  11. Titus Sanborn says:

    Dear Goddess’.

    It’s now Thursday at 5:45 pm; my ticket hasn’t arrived, what do I do if I arrive without it, please?


    Subject: Receipt for Your Payment to The Goddess Festival of Mendocino
    From: “”
    Date: Wed, October 26, 2011 1:15 am

    Oct 26, 2011 02:15:51 PDT
    Transaction ID: 4XA007076D501181V
    The Goddess Festival of Mendocino

    Shipping address – confirmed
    Ray Sanborn
    8267 Pinecrest Drive
    Redwood Valley, CA 95470
    United States

    Shipping details
    Description Unit price Qty Amount
    Earyl Deity 3 Day Pass
    Item# ed3d $111.00 USD 1 $111.00 USD
    Subtotal $111.00 USD
    Total $111.00 USD
    Payment $111.00 USD
    Charge will appear on your credit card statement as “PAYPAL *GODDESSFEST”

  12. Sarah says:

    Hi Titus – Please, come! We will give you a ticket when you arrive. Sorry for any confusion. :)

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