Didjeridoo Dreamtime InnThe Didjeridoo Dreamtime Inn & Meditation Center
44860 Main Street, Mendocino
(toll free) 855-496-6200

(707) 937-6200

Albion River Inn

Spectacular ocean front lodging and dining create the ambiance for a romantic and relaxing vacation on the Mendocino Coast. They are also offering Goddess Festival goers 3 and 4 day package deals at a reduced rate, Thursday November 10 – Sunday November 13

Albion River Inn

Sweetwater Spa & Inn

44840 Main Street, Mendocino, 800-300-4140

Sweetwater Spa and Inn
Frey VineyardsFrey Vineyards

Mendocino County organic wine with no sulfites added, from America’s pioneering organic winery.

Rubaiyat Beads

Bead shop and rug gallery

10550 Lansing St., Mendocino and 222 E. Redwood Avenue, Fort Bragg

Rubaiyat Beads
Mendocino Gems

10540 Lansing St., Mendocino (707) 937-0299

Jewelry design studio and gallery.  Jewelry is designed handcrafted and repaired on the premises.

The Leonard Moore Cooperative

Medical marijuana dispensary at 17 Ukiah St. in Mendocino. (707) 937-4562

Leonard Moore Cooperative
The Mendocino Hotel & Hill House Inn

10701 Palette Dr., Mendocino. 800-422-0554 or (707) 937-0554

Hill House Inn of Mendocino

 Goddess Art by Amalya of the Goddess Studio of Escondido

Goddess Studio Escondido

Social Media Sisters

Providing online & offline publicity, PR & event promotion throughout Mendocino County.

Regenerative Design Center

The Regenerative Design Center’s mission is to serve as a hub for new ideas and social initiatives by offering a shared office facility and a venue for meetings, workshops, events and movie screenings.


We are still seeking more sponsors for The Goddess Festival of Mendocino. A variety of packages and options are available.

For further information please contact

Shanti Balsé 707 964-1909


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